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Oh em geeee... last set of drabbles before I go on bacation! I'm going to try and still drabble, but posting may not be on time. >.> See also: booze and time differences. Also, bacation drabbles may have a higher content of bacation-type themes.


Red Carpet Runway – March 9th, 2014 [Carter Valentine/James Landon]

“James! James!”

A faint smile curved James’ mouth, but he didn’t turn his head at all, or stray from his path. It was just another red carpet reporter, and he knew exactly what they wanted.

“You think this is hilarious… don’t you?”

He didn’t turn to look at his companion when he spoke, because he could tell Carter was grinning widely.

“It’s a fucking riot. You do know that you’re going to be hearing about this for months… right?” Carter asked, surprised after all this time that James had brought him to one of his premieres.

“It was worth it.”

Still My Son – March 10th, 2013 [Ford Wentham/Makoto Nanami, Edward Nanami]

“He looks like me…”

Makoto’s mouth curves a little bit into a smile at Ford’s words, because they’re slightly awed.

“He does.”

Touching soft blond hair with calloused fingers, Ford is surprised at how sturdy a weight the new heir to the throne is as he holds him in his arms carefully. He knows that he’s a lucky man; Makoto’s queen understands where her husband’s heart lies, but she also knows that any child born to her will always hold an equal space in his heart.

“You did wonderful… he’ll be a perfect prince,” Ford says, throat clogged with tears.

First Meeting – March 11th, 2013 [Christopher Larkin, Justin Nanami, Yukio Katsukawa, Makoto Nanami]

The man in front of him is tall, dark, and very scary looking, but Chris doesn’t back down.

The hospital is his domain, and the man in the hospital bed behind him could have died if things hadn’t gone perfectly in surgery, so parent or not, scary or not, Chris is in charge here.

“You can see him for ten minutes, no more. He’s not out of the woods yet, he won’t be for a while.”

Softening a little bit when the beautiful dark haired woman sobs softly at that, Chris leaves them alone, knowing how tough this can be.

One Hot Night – March 12th, 2013 [Cillian Catherwood/Tomoki Yonemura]

Tomoki feels really stupid for not realizing that the other man is mute, but in his defense, they hadn’t actually done much talking before they’d tumbled into bed.

“I feel like I should apologize…”

Cillian shrugs, but his amused smile doesn’t waver, and Tomoki finds himself reaching out to trace the curve of his lower lip. It’s easy to remember when he’s touching the other man just why he’d been too distracted to notice the other man’s silence.

When Cillian rolls them over and captures his mouth in a hot kiss, suddenly talking is the last thing he cares about.

Third and Fourth Wheels – March 13th, 2013 [Shayden Hashimoto/Nozomu Ito, Cillian Catherwood/Tomoki Yonemura]

“Nocchi… why did you drag me out of there?!”

Shay’s tone can’t be described as anything but a whine, but Nocchi is still torn between giggling and rolling his eyes. Usually it was him that was oblivious to things, not Shay.

Holding one finger up to his lips, he shushes the other man softly before opening the door a smidgen to the room they’d just left.

Eyes widening at the sight that greets them, Shay can’t stop the grin that spreads across his face. It was about time – Cillian and Tomoki have been dancing around each other for months now.

Mistaken Identity: Part 1 – March 14th, 2013 [Yukio Katsukawa, Makoto Nanami]

The car is quiet, but the silence isn’t really uncomfortable.

Neither of them are ‘talkers’, especially just for the sake of talking. Yu is content to sit quietly in the passenger seat, purse in his lap, as Makoto drives him home.

It never occurs to him as he thanks Makoto and bids him goodnight while getting out of the car that the other teen doesn’t know he’s a boy.

With the exception of the dimmest cheerleaders on his squad, all of his cheer-mates knew his true sex, and why he still presents as female in spite of being biologically male.

Mistaken Identity: Part 2 – March 15th, 2013 [Yukio Katsukawa, Makoto Nanami]

When Yu pulled him aside after the game, Makoto had an idea of the direction things were going in, and he was torn.

For some reason he was attracted to the shy cheerleader – despite being 100% gay – and it confused him, because he had thought that he was done with being unsure of his sexuality.

“Yu… I’m sorry,” he started softly when she finished confessing, hating the way her face fell at those words. “But I’m gay.”

When she merely blinked, he wasn’t sure what to add, but her next words threw him for a loop.

“But I’m a boy…”

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1. Omg so cute. Carter, the mysterious arm candy at the premier. :3 I like these two together too.
2. *wibble* Waaah knight!Ford~~. T^T Don't accidentally kill him this time!
3. Aw, poor Yu!mama. :< Dun worry, Chris will make J.J. all better!
4. Hahaha, I forgot about that little plot bunny. Keep enjoying yourself, Tomoki~.
5. Psh, not enough Shay and Nocchi in there! *imagines them going back home for some hanky panky (or ice cream)*
6-7. Haha, poor confused teen Makoto. Get ready to be the guy who marries his high school sweetheart~.
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