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AH! So, it didn't really feel real until now. I'm kind of glad I've been in a meeting all week or I'm sure I would have been freaking out about it.

You can find it here: Less Than Three Press * All Romance eBooks * * * Kobo!

Also, thanks again to Charlie Cochet, Kim Fielding, and Raine O'Tierney for hosting me on my mini blog tour!

Purple Rose Teahouse - July 2nd

K. Fielding Writes - July 9th

Raine O'Tierney's Hat Party - July 22nd

In other AWESOME news, my better half [personal profile] telltale_commas and I got tickets to see ONE OK ROCK on October 1st, AND I am going to see Welcome to Night Vale live on October 26th! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ What better way to celebrate my birthday?


2015-Apr-17, Friday 09:51 pm
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And not the J-Pop variety, though I am loving their new album. :3

Playing the Lines finally has a release date of July 22, 2015!

It can be found here!

Photographer Elliot is near the top of his field and loves his work, even if it means putting up with models like Cory: beautiful, egotistical, and aggravating. Then a photoshoot in Norway shows there's more to Cory than Elliot thought, and he agrees to dinner despite himself.

But even if he's not completely a brat, it's well known Cory prefers to play rather than settle. And Elliot isn't interested in being anyone's toy—no matter how persuasive and persistent Cory proves to be.


2014-Oct-23, Thursday 06:35 pm
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Okay so I'm done flailing enough to actually write a coherent post.

Four very long (to me) weeks ago, I submitted a short story to Less Than Three Press. AND THEY ACCEPTED IT! My very first contract~. I'm so excited that I even made a ~professional~ twitter!

It's @JColbyJack. :3

On top of all that, it's my birthday this weekend and I'll get to stuff myself with cake and food at my parents' place. Plus the Vera Bradley bag I bought as a gift to myself came today as well!

So much awesome all around!
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