2015-Jul-22, Wednesday

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AH! So, it didn't really feel real until now. I'm kind of glad I've been in a meeting all week or I'm sure I would have been freaking out about it.

You can find it here: Less Than Three Press * All Romance eBooks * Amazon.ca * Amazon.com * Kobo!

Also, thanks again to Charlie Cochet, Kim Fielding, and Raine O'Tierney for hosting me on my mini blog tour!

Purple Rose Teahouse - July 2nd

K. Fielding Writes - July 9th

Raine O'Tierney's Hat Party - July 22nd

In other AWESOME news, my better half [personal profile] telltale_commas and I got tickets to see ONE OK ROCK on October 1st, AND I am going to see Welcome to Night Vale live on October 26th! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ What better way to celebrate my birthday?
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