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What theeeee... so, somehow we managed to have almost identical alternate universes for our headcanons this month.

Though considering how often our thoughts align, I suppose I should be surprised it hadn't happened sooner.



Featuring: Katsu Chou, Aiya Nakahara
Word Count: 342


“… am I dead?”

“Would you like to be?”

Brown eyes close and Katsu sighs. There’s no answer and now he’s left staring down at the samurai who’s been bleeding profusely all over his lovely white snow. Quite rude, really. Pretty, while it’s fresh, but soon it will darken and change and Katsu hates that.

Crouching down, the folds of his kimono shush softly on the hard surface of compacted and crisp snow. He can save the man. He’s capable of it. Does he want to though? A part of him does. A part of him knows that he’s more attached than he should be. Demons don’t do attachments, and yet here he is. Attached.

Why else would he have followed the man’s encampment for months as they made their way through the valleys and peaks of his mountain range? Protected him—them—from harsh storms and even an avalanche. It’s not what he does; he knows the stories about his type. But he did. He couldn’t even seem to help it.

The man’s skin is only barely warm as he brushes cool fingers across his brow. He knows doesn’t have much time to decide. If he waits too long the man will die from the cold long before he bleeds out.

“What have you done to me?” he murmurs softly, even as he places his palm flat on the man’s bleeding belly. The blood is only slightly warm under his skin. The surrounding air has cooled it almost as soon as it spilled from sword split skin. “I’m not the healing type… and yet here I am, doing just that.”

It’s a strange feeling, healing something. He can feel the rush of his magic leaving his body and working it’s way into the other man’s. He’s never done this before and now he knows why. It’s changing the man, not just healing him.

He can’t regret it, but he wonders if the man will. His life won’t ever be the same and that can be a hard thing to live with.


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