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Oh my god. It's been nearly ten months since I drabbled. What the hell, Sarah? On the upside I have still been writing. I submitted something for Goodread's M/M Community's Love's Landscapes short story prompt claim which will be posted soon, so I'll definitely link that as soon as it goes up.

I also submitted something for a short story anthology, so... fingers crossed there too.

Until then, hopefully I get back into the swing of drabbling!

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Sooo... finished my secret story and got my first ~official rejection~ letter, but yay for [personal profile] telltale_commas for being chosen! :DD

Also finished one of my classes for work-bridging, just waiting on my final exam results to see if I passed. :)

Back to drabbling for now!

getting back into the swing of things~ )
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Wooooo... okay, on time this week, even though I took an unscheduled break last week, sorry! XD

And... this one has a four-parter. XD I blame [personal profile] telltale_commas .

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So very very late this week... so sorry... ;__;

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Oh em geeee... last set of drabbles before I go on bacation! I'm going to try and still drabble, but posting may not be on time. >.> See also: booze and time differences. Also, bacation drabbles may have a higher content of bacation-type themes.


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