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Apparently it's my fault that we're doing June/January, July/February etc. I don't recall making this decision, but that's not unusual.



Featuring: Jacob Knight, Carter Valentine
Word Count: 381


“Knight to A3.”

Carter moved the piece obligingly before speaking. “What’s your weekend looking like?”

Jake didn’t miss the heavy implication behind that simple sentence. He paused in the middle of lining amber eyes with dramatic dark liner to look at Carter’s reflection in the massive mirror.

“I have Sunday afternoon off. So far, anyway.”

“Rook to H5,” Carter said, moving his own piece before lifting his gaze from the board to meet Jake’s in the mirror. “So far?”

Jake looked away. Being in demand meant more money, but it also meant less free time. He missed spending that free time with Carter.

“So far. You know how it is. There’s always someone that shows up without an appointment.”

“If you’re not here, she can’t give them to you.”

“I’m sure that would go over fantastically,” Jake said wryly, capping the eyeliner and putting it back in its home. “Remember that time we went to the zoo for the day and what happened when we got back?”

Carter frowned. It was obvious just from his dark expression that he remembered.

Jake sighed and turned away from the mirror, leaning back against the dresser to watch Carter silently. He hadn’t meant to put that look on his friend’s face. It was just hard to forget a punishment when it had been for something as benign as spending a rare day off outside of the house.

“We could still do something here. Have a picnic out back, maybe? It’s supposed to be nice out.”

Carter was still glowering at the chessboard and Jake wished he could take back his earlier words and erase that expression. Crossing the plushly carpeted floor, he climbed onto the bed and pushed the half finished chess game aside to occupy the space it had been in instead.

“This is what our life is, Carter. We live with these rules every day. You know that.”

“I know.”

“Have a picnic with me on Sunday then?” Jake asked, leaning in and pressing their foreheads together even as he tangled their fingers loosely. “We can have sandwiches, and maybe cake, and don't forget the ants trying to eat everything…”

“Well, when you make it sound so enticing,” Carter replied, but Jake could see a faint smile curving his lips.

“I’ll be there. Isn’t that enticing enough?”



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