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So because I am a classic shit disturber (seriously, I have a degree in it: Saru R.Ph.T., P.I.T.A., C.S.D.) I somehow challenged my better half [personal profile] telltale_commas to a headcanon duel based off the calendar she made us this year featuring AU pairings of our characters. :3

See, shit disturber. But hey, it keeps our writing fingers limber!

The only rules? It has to be between 200 and 850 words and can only be a single scene.

So BRING. IT. ON. *cracks knuckles* (Yes bitch, I stole your formatting style. Choo gonna do about it, huh?)



Featuring: Ford Wentham, Eddie Valentine
Word Count: 469


“You’re an idiot.”

“I love you too,” Ford replied, though it was difficult to smile from the pain he was in. He was sure the strain showed in the tightness around his mouth and eyes.

Eddie’s lips thinned and his dark eyes narrowed. Ford had the feeling that if the other man could blush then he’d be doing it, despite his obvious annoyance. Even after all this time, Eddie still had trouble with blatant affection. Especially when it was verbal.

“What did you do anyway? Swan dive off a roof?”

Clawed hands were gentle despite Eddie’s caustic words, which Ford appreciated when the man was in the middle of stitching up the side of his calf. The wound looked even uglier in the bright light of the bathroom and Ford had to look away. He never stopped being surprised how the sight of his own blood bothered him even after all that had been shed.

“Something like that,” Ford said.

Eddie’s hands stilled. The faint trembling in them was hard to miss now, and Ford wanted nothing more than to take his flippant response back.

Reaching out, he covered one of Eddie’s hands with his. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it like that. It was just a stupid accident. I slipped on the wet fire escape while chasing some idiot.”

Bringing Eddie’s hand to his lips, Ford kissed cool skin softly even as he watched Eddie’s face. He didn’t like worrying Eddie, even if they both knew the risks that their job came with. When he could feel the faint tremble in Eddie’s hand fade, he exhaled in relief.

He truly never meant to make the other man worry—though he knew it wasn’t something he could ever control.

“Am I forgiven?” he asked, wishing his leg wasn’t propped up on Eddie’s lap so he could reach it easily while stitching. It made it impossible to pull him into a hug and more than anything right now he wanted to hold Eddie close and reassure him that he was okay.

Eddie nodded. He didn’t look up or meet Ford’s blue eyes. It looked like he wanted to say something, but he remained silent. If Ford were to guess at his unspoken words, they probably would have been words he’d kept to himself many times.

Stay safe. Don’t get hurt anymore.

They remained in the air between them almost constantly. Unable to be spoken when neither of them wanted to make promises they couldn’t guarantee they’d be able to keep.

“I love you,” Ford said once more, pressing one last kiss to Eddie’s palm before relinquishing his hand. “Always.”

Eddie huffed a little as he picked the stitching needle back up and Ford knew he’d been forgiven even before he mumbled, “Me too.”


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From: [personal profile] telltale_commas

Laughing forever at the idea of Eddie sewing up a leg with his, ah, delicate nature...
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