2014-Oct-23, Thursday 06:35 pm
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Okay so I'm done flailing enough to actually write a coherent post.

Four very long (to me) weeks ago, I submitted a short story to Less Than Three Press. AND THEY ACCEPTED IT! My very first contract~. I'm so excited that I even made a ~professional~ twitter!

It's @JColbyJack. :3

On top of all that, it's my birthday this weekend and I'll get to stuff myself with cake and food at my parents' place. Plus the Vera Bradley bag I bought as a gift to myself came today as well!

So much awesome all around!

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Date: 24/10/2014 08:34 am (UTC)
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You should link to your twitter, it's so much effort to go to twitter and type it in, SHEESH. But YAY SO ESSITED FOR YOU! I've been waiting for a post somewhere to flail at you on.

Happy Almost Birthday~!
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