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Okay I would have been on time, except I napped instead. Whoops. >.>;

July 11th, 2014 – Meeting the Family [Eddie Valentine/Hinata Hanazaki, Nozomu Ito]

“He's not a pet, Hana.”

Watching his boyfriend fawn all over Nocchi wasn't bothering him. At all. At least that's what he kept telling himself. He wasn't sure repeating the thought was helping make it true though, because he was definitely jealous.

It didn't help that Nocchi seemed happier than he'd ever seen him. Bounding around the apartment and lolling in Hana's lap for belly rubs and ear scratches that had him letting out contented purr-growls.

As if sensing his irritation, Hana grinned and tugged him down to sit on the floor.

Nocchi was immediately in his lap. Eddie glared.

July 12th, 2014 – Researching the Meaning of 'Vacation' [Carter Valentine/Trevelyn Jones]

Carter stared into his open suitcase, looking from its empty depths to the stack of textbooks that he held in his hands before yelling for his husband.

“Trevelyn Morgan Jones-Valentine, what did you do with my research notebooks?”

Trev's head poked around the doorway that separated their bedroom from the rest of the small flat, a look of exasperation in warm brown eyes.

“Carter. We're going on vacation. To Hawaii. You are not bringing your work with you. And please don't yell my full name like I'm a bloody kindergartener who's gotten into the fireplace soot and spread it everywhere...”

July 13th, 2014 – Sneak Attack [Aiya Nakahara, Katsu Chou]

Onigiri today, na. Yum! :)

Katsu stared at the small post-it note attached to the mini bento box. A part of him was kind of impressed that Aiya had managed to sneak the meal into his bag without him noticing – mostly because Aiya wasn't really a stealthy sort of person.

A bigger part of him was embarrassed and it was enough to have his cheeks turning pink even when no one was around to see.

It was a sore point, how poor his family was. Yet he got the feeling that pity wasn't why Aiya continually brought him extra food.

July 14th, 2014 – Proving One's Worth [Mark Nanami/Ryo Maeda]

“Are you su--”

“I can do it! Just... a little... more...”

Mark grabbed the bag before it slid back and gave Ryo a concussion, heaving it into the overhead bin easily.

“If you want to prove you can reach then don't pack it so heavily,” he said. He rumpled Ryo's hair and dark eyes turned in his direction, dangerously narrowed. He was rapidly losing any chance he had at joining the Mile High Club, but it was worth it.

Once Ryo took his pills he'd be asleep anyway, so his odds hadn't been all that great to begin with.

July 15th, 2014 – Happy Birthday To Me [Aiya Nakahara/Katsu Chou]


Aiya wrinkled his nose at the thought of Katsu – or their sheets – smelling like vinegar.

“Chocolate syrup?”

Now that was a tempting idea, Aiya thought.

Katsu's thin lips curled up in a smirk as if he could read his thoughts. He couldn't, but Aiya didn't think it was too hard to read his expression when he was sure he looked like a pet who'd been promised a treat.

“I'll take that as a yes,” Katsu said with a soft laugh. “Just remind me to go wax. The idea of chocolate syrup getting stuck on hair is painful and unattractive.”

July 16th, 2014 – Calling In a Favour [Alliance Jinks, Levin Thais]

He has a phone but he doesn't have many people who call, so the sudden ringing has Allie initially confused.

For a moment he's tempted to ignore it. He's in the middle of a line of code and it's irritating to stop. Still, the reminder that there are maybe two people who have his number is enough to have him crossing the room and picking it up.

“I need you to find someone.”

“Hello to you too, Levin.”

“Hello, mon petit. Now, I'd like you to find someone for me, please.”

Allie smiled. He wondered if this was Levin's 'one'.

July 17th, 2014 – Crossing the Line [Ford Wentham/Makoto Nanami]

“I thought you quit years ago,” Makoto said as he approached. Ford managed to look good even just slouching against the alley wall, a cigarette in one hand. Makoto tried not to notice too much that the other man was wearing his old leather jacket.

Ford stubbed out the cigarette and smiled. “Still a nervous habit.”

“You finally get promoted then?”

Ford nodded.

They both knew what this meant. As a Detective Inspector it would be even harder to turn a blind eye to Makoto's gang. Nevermind pretending not to know the other man when they passed on the streets.

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From: [personal profile] telltale_commas
So many good ones this week... :D

1. Hahaha, aww not jealous Eddie~. And silly Nocchi!fox.
2. XD Carter: *SIGH~~* Yes, dear...
3. Aww, teenage!Katsu and Aiya? Yes, food is very important, Katsu.
4. XDD Haha you've got bacation on the mind, I see. >.>
5. XD Ew at the thought of sushi in bed though, blech. Though I am against chocolate in bed too. And any food. >.> Sorry, Aiya.
6. Awww flhdsk this is so random but sweet. Especially if Allie actually finds him.
7. AWWW WAHHH. T^T Why you keep throwing such sad ones in there?! Stupid Ford, who wants to be on the right side of the law.
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