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Oh my god. It's been nearly ten months since I drabbled. What the hell, Sarah? On the upside I have still been writing. I submitted something for Goodread's M/M Community's Love's Landscapes short story prompt claim which will be posted soon, so I'll definitely link that as soon as it goes up.

I also submitted something for a short story anthology, so... fingers crossed there too.

Until then, hopefully I get back into the swing of drabbling!

July 4th, 2014 – Lure [Katsu Chou/Aiya Nakahara]

Katsu's fingers itched to touch it. It was something he hadn't even known he'd wanted and now there it was just out of his reach.


Realizing their manager had asked him a question, Katsu tried to act like he'd heard it.

“I think four shows per city is fine.”

Exhaling in relief when Aiya answered for him, he nodded in agreement. The number of shows per city for the new tour – that had been the question.

Aiya was staring at him now, an amused look in sleepy dark eyes.

Katsu still wanted to touch that cute little half ponytail.

July 5th, 2014 – Animal Instinct [Eddie Valentine, Nozomu Ito]

Foxes were pretty rare this close to the city centre so Eddie watched with interested and glittering dark eyes as one nosed around the base of his tree.

He could jump down right now and give it a chase. It might relieve the itch of boredom that was burning at the base of his skull.

Smirking, he did just that, hitting the soft earth with a quiet whump of noise that had the tiny animal flinching in surprise.

Instead of making a run for it though, it merely stared at him.

“Che. You're supposed to run. Otherwise it's no fun.”

July 6th, 2014 – Intellectual Stimulation [Christopher Larkin/Shizuka Inoue]

This the definitely the worst idea on a long list of very bad ideas that Chris had had over the years.

The worst part of it was that even though he knew he shouldn't be doing it, he still was. Chris wondered if it was possible for people to have pheromones.

It was really the only logical explanation for why he was making out in the back seat of his editor's car when they'd only met in person this afternoon.

But when Zuka was kissing him like that it was hard to remember that he probably shouldn't be doing this.

July 7th, 2014 – That Time of the Month [Mark Nanami/Ryo Maeda]

Mark couldn't stop laughing.

Ryo bit the leg of the younger man's black trousers, shaking his head in the hopes that the fabric would tear even just a little.

Instead Mark picked him up around his roly poly little belly and lifted him out of reach. It was really rather ignoble to turn into the equivalent of a corgi puppy on the full moon instead of a properly imposing wolf.

Mostly because Mark was still laughing at him and there was nothing he could do about it. Except maybe pee on him.

“Aw, don't be sad. You're cute!”

Ryo growled.

July 8th, 2014 – Return to Me [Katsu Chou/Aiya Nakahara]

“He promised.”

The samurai in front of Katsu stared at the ground. It was impossible to look directly at the heartbroken expression on the courtesan’s beautiful face.

Though the small square of silk was long since faded Katsu could still make out the pattern. It brought back memories of that one perfect night and every lonely night after it.

Aiya had promised he’d come back. Instead all he had left was a worn piece of fabric and memories that would stay with him until his broken heart finally gave up.

Pressing the fabric to his lips, Katsu whispered his goodbye.

July 9th, 2014 – Through Your Eyes [Ryo Maeda, Christopher Larkin]

“It smells good,” Ryo said as he held the fragile plant close enough to inhale its scent. He wondered what it looked like. Chris had told him it was purple, but he didn't know what purple was.

“U-unh. 'kaa-san says that p-people use it t-to sleep.”

Ryo's nose scrunched up as he imagined what you might do with a lavender plant to try and sleep. “Like... they eat it?”

Chris giggled. “N-no, sh-she said th-they put it under th-their pillows. Or in t-tea.”

Finding the hole in the dirt with one hand, Ryo thought that people did strange things sometimes.

July 10th, 2014 – Garden of Love [Hiroyuki Abe/Levin Thais]

“What... oh Levin, it's beautiful,” Yuki breathed as he folded back the tissue paper to reveal the magnificent quilt beneath it.

White gardenias and green vines covered the expansive and soft fabric. Each stitch was small and even and as he touched them with soft fingers it was easy to imagine the hours of labour it had taken.

“You like it then?” Levin asked, reaching out to brush a soft strand of dark hair back from the other man's face. Seeing the way Yuki's face lit up was enough to have his chest squeeze with pain. He was in love.
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