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Late and stupid! Sorry. >.>;

The Pink Elephant – August 27th, 2013 [Ford Wentham/Makoto Nanami]

“Do you ever feel weird cutting a pay cheque to your lover?”

Raising one blond eyebrow at the out of the blue question, Ford props himself up onto one arm in order to look down at Makoto.

“Not really. I’m paying you for being an amazing chef and for running one of my most successful restaurants. It’s not like I’m paying you when you sleep with me.”

Feeling a knot of tension in his chest dissolve that he hadn’t even been fully aware of carrying around, Makoto smiles at that answer as he tugs Ford down for a hard kiss.

Changing Seasons – August 28th, 2013 [Makoto Nanami/Yukio Katsukawa]

Taking Yu as his queen is something Makoto doesn’t regret, and one of his favourite benefits to the joining ceremony is being able to find Yu no matter where he may be in their part of the world.

Smiling as he sets down on a soft gust of wind, scepter in hand, he’s not surprised to see the beautiful earth spirit sitting in the clearing and coaxing a small flower into blooming.

“Spring is your favourite, isn’t it?” he asks as he settles down next to Yu, reaching out to curl one sleek strand of black hair around his finger.

Head Over Heels – August 29th, 2013 [Makoto Nanami, Ryo Maeda]

“How many fingers?”

Squinting when the blob in front of him speaks, Ryo struggles to focus.


It’s a guess, and from the lack of response from the paramedic, he figures it wasn’t accurate.

“Can you see me?”

He refrains from nodding, feeling like his brains might leak out his ears if he does.

“… I can tell you’re there, but don’t give me to a sketch artist.”

Ryo’s ready to kill his coach, because he’d told the man his wrists weren’t healed enough to be back on the uneven bars yet, and now here he was with a concussion.

In Tandem – August 30th, 2013 [Kale Mohren, Phoenix Mohren, Tomoki Yonemura]

“You should ask him out.”

“He’s looked over here three times.”

“Plus, did you see those abs?”

Both twins talk almost as if they’re sharing one stream of consciousness, and it might have been creepy if Tomoki wasn’t used to it by now. He can’t help but sneak a look at the man they’re talking about, not pausing at all as he ran on the treadmill as he did so.

“I’m here to work out, not pick up guys,” he says reluctantly. The man is exactly his type.

“No reason you can’t do both,” Kale says with a wicked grin.

The Lure of the Unknown – August 31st, 2013 [Amelia Nanami/Raechel Bowen]

“Do you think your dad would let me come to a game?”

Considering they’re in the middle of cleaning up from dinner, the question comes out of left field and takes Melia by surprise.

Still, once she reflects on it, she’s actually kind of surprised that Rae hasn’t asked sooner. While her girlfriend doesn’t romanticize what her dad does, she doesn’t seem put off by it either.

“I dunno… I could ask, though. If you want me to.”

The wide grin and pleading hazel eyes are enough to have her laughing.

“Alright… I’ll ask. But I’m not making any promises!”

Devil vs Angel: Part One – September 1st, 2013 [Hudson Cooper, Thierry Orøkia]

“Why don’t you stand up to them? They’re assholes.”

Hudson refrains from acknowledging the irony in his words as he spits them almost venomously at Thierry. He also knows that the quiet man will know that the anger in his tone is for the bastards that pick on his friend, and not for Thierry himself.

All he gets is a shrug for a response, and his hand tightens just a fraction around his cup of coffee before he remembers he’s holding it. The last thing he needs is to be wearing hot coffee – especially after Thierry bought it for him.

Devil vs Angel: Part Two – September 2nd, 2013 [Hudson Cooper, Thierry Orøkia]

The punch comes out of nowhere, and Thierry nearly drops his hot chocolate (and Hudson’s coffee) in shock.

One minute he’d been approaching his moody friend – and ignoring the bullies in their therapy group who had nothing better to do than mock his stutter – and the next thing he knew, Hudson had laid one of them out flat with a wicked right hook.

He knows that he should be angry, that he should tell Hudson off for using such violence… but a part of him thinks they deserve it and makes him still his tongue.

“Yuh… yuh-your cuh-coffee’s getting cuh-cold…”
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