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Working on a new submission! Nothing shall keep me down~.

Here, have some all-over-the-place drabbles! XD

Petite Powerhouse – August 20th, 2013 [Marcus Nanami, Ryo Maeda]

“Are you kidding me?”

Mark stifled a laugh as he lifted the bag of dry concrete mix up onto one shoulder, watching the petite man near him out of the corner of one eye. There was no way he was going to be able---okay maybe he was stronger than he looked…

Impressed – even if he wasn’t going to admit it out loud – Mark watched as the other man walked gracefully up the narrow plank of wood that led into the shell of the skyscraper they were currently in the middle of building.

He had a pretty nice ass too…

Obsolete – August 21st, 2013 [Daiki Ishizawa/Keiichiro Sasaki, Yukio Katsukawa]

As an earth spirit, Yu got along best with Kei. The tranquility spirit’s power was nature derived, so it only made sense that they were two of a kind.

Watching curiously as Daiki appeared next to his friend and dropped a light kiss on his lips – and the ensuing blush that rose on Kei’s cheeks – Yu had to wonder in an almost melancholy manner if his place in Kei’s life had become redundant now that his friend was in love.

He also couldn’t help but notice the way the grass around him turned from green to brown with his thoughts.

Learning Curve – August 22nd, 2013 [Eddie Valentine/Hinata Hanazaki]

Hana’s first word as a human comes some weeks after the change. Unsurprisingly, it’s Eddie’s name.

Eddie doesn’t admit it out loud, but it’s obvious by the blush on his cheeks and the look in dark eyes that he’s happy about that.

Hana’s second word comes out the next day when they’re in the mall food court. They’ve spent over three hours in stores trying on everything from jeans to underwear, since Hana’s new body is far too big to fit into any of Eddie’s clothes.

His second word is ‘gyoza’, and somehow… Eddie’s not all that surprised about that.

Devil In Disguise – August 23rd, 2013 [Marcus Nanami/Ryo Maeda]

“Aren’t you supposed to wear a costume to a costume party?” Mark asked blandly, meeting Ryo’s gaze in the long mirror as he adjusted his bowtie before pulling on the brown tweed suit jacket that matched his pants.

It was worth it to hide his reaction to Ryo’s costume when he saw dark eyes narrow and the other man’s top lip curl up in annoyance.

“I am wearing a costume, asshole. I’m a cat!”

“I know you are, darling, but what’s your costume?”

Thanks to excellent reflexes, Mark managed to dodge the heavy collar just before it hit the mirror.

A Whole New World: Part One – August 24th, 2013 [Carter Valentine, Yukio Katsukawa]

Carter has to wonder if he’s made a mistake when Yu just stares at the bouquet of cut flowers that he now holds in delicate hands.

He’d brought the flowers to show that he held no hard feelings for the iced coffee that the pretty waiter had dropped into his lap last week, but now he feels like he’s done something wrong, because Yu’s not reacting like someone normally would to a gift.

“I… what if I kill them?” Yu all but whispers, staring slightly in horror at the pretty flowers. He’s never had to look after anything alive before.

A Whole New World: Part Two – August 25th, 2013 [Carter Valentine, Yukio Katsukawa]

Those words aren’t the first indication that Yu’s a bit different than anyone he’s ever met before, but they hit something inside of Carter that makes his chest almost hurt.

The idea that someone had grown up not seeing a bouquet or anything similar to know that cut flowers were meant to die… it didn’t speak of anything good.

“They will die,” he finally says, voice gentle as he touches the back of Yu’s hand in the hopes that he’ll meet his eyes. “They no longer have roots. Keeping them in water will help them last a little while though.”

Blackmail Material – August 26th, 2013 [Nanao Maeda, Yukio Katsukawa]

“And this is when he was five. He refused to wear anything but dresses for the entire summer. I think he probably would have worn them throughout the entire school year too, but the principal said it ‘wasn’t right’ because he was a boy.”

Yu frowned a bit at that before grinning down at the photo album full of Ryo as a baby, and then as a young child.

“May I take this home with me for a bit? I bet Mark would love to see them…”

Grinning wickedly at Yu’s almost sly tone, Nanao nodded. “I’m sure he would.”

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Ack I still need to post mine... stupid work week!

1. Hahaha, don't judge by appearances, Mark! I'm still kinda :| at Ryo inwardly, but they're a fun couple.
2. Aww, Yu the pretty earth spirit~. Dun be sad. :< *gives him a... Makoto animal spirit? I dunno. >.>)
3. XD Hanakitsune~. Ganbatte! And I still want one.
4. I need to know what Mark is going as... and yeah, lazy costuming, Ryo! You're already halfway there!
5-6. A dazzling place I neeever kneeew~~. >.>; Aw. I feel like this happened before in some scene we did a long time ago that I forgot about. Poor Yu. ._.
7. Bah ha ha. Nanao, you are definitely the source of Ryo's evil.
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