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Sooo... finished my secret story and got my first ~official rejection~ letter, but yay for [personal profile] telltale_commas for being chosen! :DD

Also finished one of my classes for work-bridging, just waiting on my final exam results to see if I passed. :)

Back to drabbling for now!

Behind the Scenes – August 12th, 2013 [Ryo Maeda, Alliance Jinks]

“Don’t you ever get tired of that?”

Allie didn’t look up from where he was crouched under the diner table in order to speak. He knew Ryo could hear him even if no one else could.

“Don’t you ever get tired of tying people’s shoelaces together?” Ryo asked in reply, pausing where he was whispering into the woman’s ear. It was so easy to incite rage in some people that it almost wasn’t a challenge anymore.

“Pfft. It’s a classic! Plus, most people just assume their laces came undone and got tangled so it doesn’t mess with their world view.”

Go Between – August 13th, 2013 [Makoto Nanami, Yukio Katsukawa]

Another gift. Yu stared down at the small wrapped box in his hands and sighed. Ever since becoming friends with Makoto, every girl in school had been using him as a go between.

“Yu… why don’t you just say no?”

Turning pink at the sound of Makoto’s soft voice, Yu held out the box silently as the older boy joined him on the lawn.

“Th… they’re sc-scary,” he said shyly.

Sighing a bit, Makoto took the box reluctantly and tucked it into his bag. He never opened any of them, but he still hated that they made Yu their gofer.

A Fated Encounter – August 14th, 2013 [Eddie Valentine, Hinata Hanazaki, Shizuka Inoue]

“He’s a pipefox,” Zuka said, taking a deep drink of his saké and watching in amusement as the energetic creature coiled around Eddie’s wrist and neck, squeaking softly and kissing the blushing man’s cheek.

“What… what, what’s a pipefox?!” Eddie replied as he flailed around in an attempt to grab hold of the surprisingly soft animal, trying to stop it from slipping back up his sleeve.

Hana is a pipefox,” the shop owner said with an enigmatic grin, dark eyes glittering in a way that told Eddie he knew far more than he was saying.

Sometimes he hated his job…

On the Sidelines – August 15th, 2013 [Marcus Nanami/Ryo Maeda]

Mark feels like he’s holding his breath when Ryo approaches the uneven bars, chalking his hands and pausing for a moment before jumping up and grabbing hold.

He smoothly segues into a graceful spin and leaps to the next set of bars and Mark exhales in relief.

He never thought he’d ever be nervous at a gymnastics meet – or be at a gymnastics meet period – but then again, he’d never dated a serious gymnast before either.

Watching as Ryo made his routine look almost effortless, his petite body strongly muscled from years of practice, Mark felt a swell of pride.

Touch and Go – August 16th, 2013 [James Landon/Tavish Kerr III]

“What about… here?”

James grinned when a soft moan was the only answer he got, Tav’s long body arching up away from the mattress and his toes curling from the light touch to the inside of his thigh.

“If you don’t answer, how will I know what you’re enjoying?” James asked, voice soft and teasing as he trailed warm fingers a little further up the other man’s thigh, pausing just at the join of his hip.

Dark eyes opened at that, though they were narrowed in obvious irritation.

“I’d be enjoying it more if you weren’t being such a tease…”

So Happy Together – August 17th, 2013 [Tavish Kerr III, Yukio Katsukawa]

“I found a new secret place!”

Tav swims in excited circles; eager to show the other merman the new cove he’s found. He knows Yu will like the untouched beach and the beautiful land coral with all its bright colours.

Struggling to smile, unwilling to bring down Tav’s happy mood, Yu takes his hand and allows him to lead the way.

He knows that Tav isn’t ignorant, that he can see something’s wrong, but he’s grateful for the efforts to cheer him up instead of trying to get him to talk about things that he’s still not ready to share.

A Hand Up – August 18th, 2013 [Hudson Cooper, Thierry Orøkia]

“Yuh… yuh-yuh-you cuh-can stay here fuh-for now,” Thierry struggles to get out, flushing in embarrassment as he stutters over even that simple sentence.

He wants to touch Hudson’s hand, to reach out and let him know that he’s here for him, but even after how close he feels to the other man he can’t seem to find the courage to initiate contact.

Blue eyes lift to meet his green ones, and Thierry’s chest aches at the confusion that swims in their depths. He wonders if anyone’s ever done anything nice for Hudson before, just for the sake of being kind.

Baby Steps – August 19th, 2013 [Tavish Kerr III/Yukio Katsukawa]

“Yu! Put that down!”

Tav all but tripped over his own feet as he jumped up from behind his drumset and hurried across the stage to where Yu was working with some of the staff organizing con goods.

“Tav… it’s a box of towels, and not even a big box of towels,” Yu replied with a faint smile when his husband took the box from his hands and handed it off to one of the other staff members.

“The doctor said—“

“The doctor said that I should trust my body,” Yu said softly. “You need to trust me. Okay?”

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Date: 20/08/2013 07:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] telltale_commas
:D and :< still. Well, we both need to try for other submissions anyway. And yay for that stupid class for being over! *makes you pass*

1. Heehee, this was a fun dalliance. We should go back to it sometime.
2. Aw, poor Yu. I bet Makoto just starts throwing the unopened gifts away as soon as Yu gives them to him, since the girls are probably watching all sneakily.
3. XD It's funny how well they fit into the xxxHolic verse. Hooray for spastic!Eddie?
4. Aw, ganbatte tiny little gymnast Ryo! Yeah I called you tiny, what're you gonna do about it?
5. Hahaha. Why am I imagining Tav trussed up in leather here...
6. Pretty mermen~. Just tell him, Yu! So you can get to your happy ending fasterrrr.
7. That is the one thing that makes me reluctant to drabble about Hudson and Thierry together... you lose so many words with a stutter. >.> And aw, Thierry... sadly you probably are the first. :<
8. XD Aw, stern!Tav. Well, attempted stern Tav, cause he's gonna cave fast when Yu says that.
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