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I need foooooood. And yeah, late again. >.>; Sorry.

Small Stakes – June 29th, 2013 [Amelia Nanami, Matthew Nanami, Marcus Nanami, Yukio Katsukawa]

Melia had been a natural at cards, and Yu would have thought it an inherited affinity if Makoto had actually been her biological father, but instead he just chalked it up to spending almost all of her waking life around men who played cards for a living.

He had to wonder though, if it had been a good idea to teach all the kids how to play poker at such a young age, when by the time the twins were seven they were regularly fleecing any lackey who was brave enough (or stupid enough) to face them in a game.

World War D – June 30th, 2013 [Christopher Larkin, Justin Nanami, Marcus Nanami, Ryo Maeda]

Cheeks pink with embarrassment, Chris wondered if it had been a mistake to invite J.J.’s younger brother and Ryo out to dinner with them in order to make it seem a little less like a ‘date’.

It wasn’t that he was averse to dating J.J., it was more that he didn’t have much experience dating at all, and he had thought that having the extra company might alleviate some of the expected awkwardness.

Fifteen minutes in though and both Ryo and Mark had done nothing but snark at each other caustically, and Chris was ready to melt through the floor.

Bait and Switch: Part One – July 1st, 2013 [Carter Valentine, Trevelyn Jones]

“You’ve probably got about two-and-a-half seconds before I try and shoot you, so explaining yourself in as few words as possible might be beneficial…”

Stiffening at the loud and rather obvious sound of an old-fashioned revolver’s hammer being cocked, Trev felt his heart leap melodramatically up into his throat. He’d been promised that the scientist wouldn’t be home tonight – something about a party full of well endowed socialites – so being caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar left him very unprepared.

“I don’t supposed you’re just going to let me leave, are you?” he asked after a moment.

Bait and Switch: Part Two – July 2nd, 2013 [Carter Valentine, Trevelyn Jones]

Carter found himself amused by the thief’s almost wistful tone – and in admiration of his surprisingly well-cut black trousers and snug turtleneck – but he didn’t lower his gun.

There weren’t any bullets in it – he’d bought it cheap at an antique’s market with the sole intention of just using it for show. Besides, if he were honest with himself, he didn’t think he had it in him to shoot anyone anyway.

“Not with my research I’m not, darling. Sorry.”

Those notebooks were years of work towards a cure for Eddie, and he’d give his own life before giving them up.

Bait and Switch: Part Three – July 3rd, 2013 [Carter Valentine, Trevelyn Jones]

A silent ‘please’ hovered on Trev’s lips, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to say it. Something in the other man’s bright blue eyes told him that this wasn’t just scientific research to him, that it was something more than that.

Of course, not getting the research meant going back to the man that held his leash and admitting failure, which wasn’t something he wanted to do either.

He had no one to blame for being in the situation he was in, but for the first time in five years, he wished he had a shoulder to lean on.

One Hit Wonder – July 4th, 2013 [Amelia Nanami/Raechel Bowen]

She’s got her gun in hand before she’s even halfway up the stairs, not even conscious of pulling it from the holster.

Bursting into the apartment in a panic, heart feeling like it’s up in her throat somewhere, Melia stops and stares in disbelief at the sight of Rae sitting on a very unconscious and burly man.

It’s less the unconscious state of the man that surprises her, than the fact that Rae’s grinning widely like she’s just won the lotto, a cast-iron frying pan in one hand.

“I knocked him out on the first try, can you believe it?”

Sunshine and Lollipops – July 5th, 2013 [Daiki Ishizawa, Keiichiro Sasaki]

Daiki’s not sure why it’s so easy to spend time with Kei. He had thought that the minute he’d realized that the other man’s knowledge of sex began and ended with ‘it was something other people did’, he would have lost interest and walked away.

Except that Kei loves to talk, and he doesn’t just speak. He talks with his whole body and it’s so vibrant and alive that Daiki can’t help but be engaged. Soon they’re talking about anything and everything, from the latest superhero movies to the tastiest foods.

And for once Daiki doesn’t feel judged… just content.

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1. Aw, bebe Nanamis... hustling by first grade. :')
2. Hahaha, such a disaster date... though not really. >.>
3-5. I'd forgotten you'd mentioned writing this random thing! Aw, Trev, who's controlling you?! And what would he want with Carter's vamp-cure? So many unanswered questions!!
6. I love this scene. XD And hmm, Weston... *will decide later if it sticks* They are so cute together though. :D
7. Kei won't judge you for being a stupid slut, Daiki. He's bubbleheaded too and doesn't understand sex. Match made in hebun? >.>
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