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Wooooo... okay, on time this week, even though I took an unscheduled break last week, sorry! XD

And... this one has a four-parter. XD I blame [personal profile] telltale_commas .

Insatiable: Part 1 – June 8th, 2013 [Alex MacKinzey/Tomoki Yonemura]

How slow he moved before becoming physical in a relationship – or often before he even let his true feelings show – was often the first excuse that his past lovers used when he caught them cheating.

Needs unfilled. Desires left wanting. And yet rather than tell him, they snuck around behind his back in order to fulfill those needs and desires.

Dishonesty had left Alex untrusting and cooler than before – until Yone.

Something about the charming singer had every cell in his body wanting more than he was ready to give, and it left him feeling even more torn than before.

Insatiable: Part 2 – June 9th, 2013 [Alex MacKinzey/Tomoki Yonemura]

It didn’t matter to him that Yone was famous. Well… that wasn’t entirely the truth. It mattered to him inasmuch as he worried about how it would look for Yone to be dating someone like him, he just wasn’t worried about himself.

What bothered him more than Yone being famous, was the spell that the other man seemed to hold over his mind and body.

He couldn’t be within inches of the other man without wanting to touch him, and that terrified him. The idea of one person changing everything about him was something he wasn’t sure he could handle.

Insatiable: Part 3 – June 10th, 2013 [Alex MacKinzey/Tomoki Yonemura]

Giving himself over to Yone, letting the other man into his heart and body, was both the smartest and dumbest thing that Alex had ever done.

He didn’t regret it at all.

Spending the entire night worshipping the other man’s body with his hands and his mouth (and other parts) had been enough to make his head spin, and even now when dawn was creeping underneath the drawn shades, he still wanted more.

“I…” I love you, had been what he wanted to say, but how could he say such words so soon? How could he feel them so soon?

Insatiable: Part 4 – June 11th, 2013 [Alex MacKinzey/Tomoki Yonemura]

“I love you.”

The silence across the phone line lasted a little too long, and Alex had to bite his tongue in order to keep himself from scrambling to take the words back. He meant them - even if he would have rather told the other man in person.

“I hate you,” Yone whined, once shock had cleared from the unexpectedness of his lover’s words. “How can you say that when I’m in a different city?”

Snorting softly at Yone’s petulant tone, Alex felt relieved. “Don’t worry… I’ll show you just how much when you get home.”

“… love you too…”

Return to Me – June 12th, 2013 [Nozomu Ito/Shayden Hashimoto]

“You look beautiful tonight…”

Shay smiled at the compliment as he poured them both some more saké, even as he wanted to blush at Nozomu’s words. He was grateful for the years of experience that kept him outwardly calm and collected despite the turmoil he felt inside.

When rough fingers reached out and tucked a constantly unruly strand of black hair back behind his ear though, he couldn’t help the way he trembled a little.

He had fallen hard for Nozomu, and every time he watched him leave, the knowledge that he was headed into battle made Shay’s chest ache.

Dangerous When Wet – June 13th, 2013 [Ryo Maeda (kitty), Makoto Nanami]

He hadn’t intended to adopt an animal, but the small grey kitten had been curled up on his porch – on his newspaper – and he couldn’t exactly just leave him there, especially when he looked so dirty and bedraggled.

Still, the kitten was filthy and covered in who knew what, which meant a bath was his first order of business, and the small but feisty kitten definitely wasn’t too happy with that.

By the time he was clean, Makoto was sporting more than a few bites and scratches, and there was more water on his kitchen floor than in the sink.

Insecurities – June 14th, 2013 [Jacob Knight/Torran MacKenna]

“Does it bother you?”

Startled out of his thoughts by Jake’s voice, Torran frowned in confusion, feeling like he was coming into the middle of a conversation.

“Does what bother me?”

“My job… does it bother you. I mean, I’m at the bar almost all day and then until early morning, and I’m often tired when I come home…”

Smiling a little at how uncertain Jake sounded, when he was normally so sure of himself, Torran reached out to touch his cheek gently. “You love your job… it means the world to you. How could something like that bother me?”
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