2015-Aug-31, Monday

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August has been terribly unproductive for me. I don't know what it is. I've pretty much done nothing but go to work, go to the gym, and watch The Mentalist and Teen Wolf.

But, happy birthday to my other half [personal profile] telltale_commas! Slowly creeping up there in age, though always younger than me as some people like to remind me...



Featuring: Christopher Larkin, Matthew Nanami
Word Count: 603


Chris was still getting used to it all, even after all this time. He knew what he was—had since he was four and he’d accidentally made his mother’s vines grow so fast and so large that they’d nearly encompassed the entire house.

Knowing there was more than just him out there though… that was a whole different story. Matt and his family were like them, but not. Fae blood was dominant, but most people with it were only part. Mongrels to real fae. Which meant any ‘gifts’ usually manifested in ways that the person wasn’t even fully cognizant about.

An affinity for animals.

A mildly healing touch.

Weather prediction.

Matt’s family was the purest in London. Probably in all of England.

Matt himself could control the weather.

Chris couldn’t even begin to know what that must be like to have that much power. And yet somehow he wasn’t afraid of the Nanamis. Despite their powers. Despite what they could do… they were nice people. Good people.

Nicer than most people were to Chris and it was comforting. Not just to be with someone who understood, but also to be with someone who cared and understood. Sometimes it had felt like he’d had to choose one or the other, and now here was Matt.

“What are you thinking so deeply about? I could make it hail and you’d probably still be sitting there staring at your lunch.”

Chris smiled at Matt’s playful words. “You wouldn’t make it hail. Not when we’re sitting out in the middle of a field. It’d ruin your clothes.”

“And my hair,” Matt agreed as he reached into the picnic basket for another sandwich, taking a bite before speaking again. “But you’re evading.”

Biting into his own half eaten sandwich to avoid answering right away, Chris could feel his cheeks heating up. Matt remained silent as he chewed slowly, but Chris knew he’d have to answer eventually.

“I was just thinking about your family.”

It wasn’t the whole truth, but Chris already felt more than a little embarrassed to be waxing on so emotionally about Matt’s family, even if it was just inside his own head. The idea of saying it out loud seemed a million times worse.

Matt said nothing, just watched him with a calm expression. Chris knew it was a tactic—probably learned from his father—and huffed. “Stop trying to mind control me into embarrassing myself.”

“It’s not mind control. I control weather, not minds.”

“Fine. Stop using psychological warfare on me, then,” Chris said, rolling his eyes at the same time. He smiled though, because he knew deep down that Matt wouldn’t force him to say anything he didn’t really want to say. “I was just thinking… that it must have been really nice to grow up around people who understood you. Who loved you for who you were.”

“Your parents love you,” Matt frowned, setting down his sandwich to reach for Chris’ hand. “How could they not?”

Chris immediately felt a wave of shame. “Of course they did—do, I never meant that. But I was—am different and that had to have been hard on them.”

“Everyone’s different, Chris… and people should still love them despite those differences.”

It sounded so simple, but Chris knew how hard it was for some people to accept differences in others. It made him even more grateful for how his parents had stood by him, and for the fact that he’d met Matt and his family.

Being alone was one thing. Being alone and different was another thing entirely.

Suddenly he didn’t feel so alone anymore.


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