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LATE. And hopefully not stupid. But it's not my fault that we managed make an AU pairing canon. >.>



Featuring: Christopher Larkin, Shizuka Inoue
Word Count: 585


I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

It’s all Chris is thinking right then. A repeated litany of those three words over and over again as he makes his way gingerly to the bar counter.

The strip club isn’t really sleazy. As far as strip clubs go in fact, it’s pretty decent—not that he’s been in a lot. But it’s dimly lit, the seats too close together, and full of strangers. All things that Chris really isn’t a fan of.

The nudity certainly doesn’t help. He’s not quite sure where to keep his gaze.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

It’s like an echo now, even though he’s reached the bar. He can almost see the words looping in his brain. He can’t shut them down, and he’s not sure he wants to. It’s Brian’s fault they’re here and it’s Brian’s fault he’s now alone.

If he’d just wanted to score, Chris is sure he could have done that on campus, a thought that helps fuel his anger a little.


The voice is unexpected and Chris flinches. He really should be more aware of his surroundings right now. Not lost in his own useless thoughts.

Full lips are smiling at him when he manages to rein in his buzzing brain, and dark eyes are glittering with something he can’t quite read. Maybe he’s thinking too much. After all, the man is just a bartender, he’s probably just exasperated because Chris is staring at him like a slack-jawed carp.

“Um… do… do you have s-something non-alchoholic?”

That smile widens just a fraction. Chris blushes. A smile shouldn’t make him blush, but well… he’s never really been normal.

“Water or soda? Or I can make some coffee or tea.”

“Water’s fine.” He forces the words out in a rush. Doing his best not to stutter or mess them up. He doesn’t have a lot of cash on him or he would have walked out and taken a cab home as soon as Brian had abandoned him for one of the strippers.

The I hate you’s are starting to fade away. Just a tiny bit. That smile is still directed at him, and Chris looks away. It’s too kind for a place like this and he doesn’t know what to make of it.

A bottle of water is set in front of him and Chris is surprised by how relieved he feels that it’s sealed.

“This doesn’t seem like your kind of place.”

Chris laughs, but it’s high and nervous. He’s not sure what to say that won’t be insulting to someone who works here, so he remains silent and reaches for the water instead.

“You want me to call someone for you?”

The words are unexpected and it forces Chris to look back into dark eyes. The smile is gone now and he isn’t sure if he should feel bad for making it disappear.

“Y… you w-wouldn’t mind?”

“Gorgeous, I’d do just about anything you asked me to.”

“A ph-phone c-call is f-fine,” Chris manages to say, cheeks feeling like they’re on fire. Obviously flirting is part of the man’s job, but it still feels strange to have it directed at him.


He’s handed a cordless phone though, and Chris doesn’t think twice before dialing Ryo’s number.

That litany of hate is gone now, and as the phone rings, he can’t help but look over at the man who’s now pouring a beer for someone else. He’s definitely cute.


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